Child Prodigy

His own private math is as big as life
It’s all aftermath, burns in stripes so bright
He sees right through walls, right through the writing on them
Two years old and playing those games
He’s not tame, he’s not slim yet
Feed him, give him to eat – child prodigy
His head is barely hard, he’s so hard headed
Hair isn’t hardly parted he’s a man of parts
You can’t be jealous, he just makes you feel bigger
Two years old and he’ll never be the same
He’s not trained to put you through your paces
Feed him, give him to eat – child prodigy
Child prodigy, all wizardry and charm is yours
A children’s child, child of a child, prodigy
Take it all in till you cry
There’s always more blue
Grazing, grazing
More laziness to make you cry